Jesse Hanson


Jesse Hanson


Jesse Hanson is an award winning singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from the Greater Boston area, currently working on her sophomore album "Foundations", to be released in 2015. 

Using several mediums of performance from solo acoustic, live looping and arranging full 7-piece band performances, Jesse Hanson has captivated audiences all over the East Coast as well as all over Western Europe with her indie-rock-meets-sophisticated-folk style. She recently won the 2014 Singer/Songwriter of the Year Award for her most recent self-produced song "Everything in Between".

Before writing songs, Jesse has trained her whole conscious life to be a well-developed violinist, having been a member of the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra for 7 years as well as a multitude of various Boston-based classical ensembles. Additionally, she has been exposed to Celtic and Bluegrass music her whole life and has placed in every regional competition she has competed in. 

Sophomore year of High School, Hanson discovered that she could sing decently enough to form a band with three of her dude-buddies and became the frontwoman of The Burnsides, singing and writing indie-rock tunes. After the band disbanded, she continued to write and sing songs and discovered that she could maintain an impactful solo career and obtained a looping machine which allows her to be a one-woman orchestra with her electric violin, guitar, and the occasional brass instrument. Hanson had planned on attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston, having been accepted with a scholarship, but due to an unfortunate series of financial events, was not able to attend. Instead, she packed her bags for LA to work on her debut record "Back to Boston" with her eldest brother and producer, Adam Hanson.

Currently, Jesse Hanson is progressing her solo career by doing studio work and side string work for other artists in the Boston, NY and Los Angeles areas such as Siv Jakobsen, Air Traffic Controller, Ashley Jordan, Sol & Kiel, and Grammy award winning engineer Ducky Carlisle.




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