Jesse Hanson



Jesse Hanson, otherwise known as Bad Snacks, is an LA-based producer, singer-songwriter and studio string player. 

Having been a trained classical violinist in Massachusetts for 18+ years, it wasn't until she made the move from Boston to LA that Hanson changed her identity as a classical strings player and folk singer-songwriter to Bad Snacks, an artistic project that blends strings with synthesizers in an electro-pop/hip-hop format.

Since beginning her career as an electronic producer and songwriter, she has garnered the attention of groups like Moonchild and KING and often works as a co-producer with Scott Welch (of Blakeslee Recording in North Hollywood) and alongside musicians/engineers like Will Wells (Imagine Dragons, Hamilton).

Currently, her latest project is a beat walkthrough video series on YouTube. She also frequently does string work and has played with artists like Bipolar Sunshine and the Hollywood Light Orchestra, in addition to writing and producing on various projects (Zealyn, Lyric House Publishing, etc.)