Land of Dreams, Slum Village, and Fried Cheese Curds

Waking Up in Binghamton

It felt really good to spend my first night away from home at my Grammy's house, and it also felt good to be able to wake up in a familiar home and eat breakfast and drink coffee with her. Of course, the first night away from home was hard and kind of disorienting, but waking up and being able to talk to my Grandmother was a lot more helpful than I had even originally anticipated. Talk about change, my Grammy has gone through a LOT of changes in the last few years following the passing of my Grampy. She knows a thing or two about the way life goes on, and I think she helped remind me that this is the right time to do what I'm doing. Thanks Grammy.

Hitting the road

Second stop of our journey: Royal Oak, MI! Adam and I have cousins that live out here, and Royal Oak is only about a 4.5 hour drive to Chicago as opposed to a 12 hour drive from Binghamton. Originally, we had planned to go straight through Canada to get to our cousin Scott and his wife Andrea, but somebody (Adam) forgot their passport so we took the lake Eerie route instead. This actually worked out for the better since there had been a lot of snowfall in upstate New York and not too much snowfall in Ohio. The roads were definitely a little neglected through western New York and basically the whole coast of Pennsylvania, but once we got to Ohio it was smooth sailing. The first thing I saw in Ohio while we stopped for gas was a Subway employee wearing blue eyeshadow. #Ohio #Landofdreams

Taken just outside of Cleveland

Taken just outside of Cleveland

Hitting the road for 6 more hours

I probably shouldn't complain because I know that our driving is only going to get more extensive from here, and actually, the car ride really isn't that bad. I've always really enjoyed road trips and long car rides, and I really love traveling, which is helping with this whole long-term heartbreak thing. My brother and I like to listen to all kinds of weird stuff, as I will outline some of our playlist for you:

  1. Bon Iver's Self-Titled Record (Great for long snowy drives)
  2. Farao - TIAF
  3. Björk - Vespertine (we got into kind of a Scandinavian vibe with the snow)
  4. Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto/Some of their new stuff (The new album is really a dud, Coldplay)
  5. Texas Cookin' - Guy Clark (Getting pumped for TX!)
  6. Eminem - Curtain Call / Slum Village - Fantastic Vo. 2 (because....)


We made it to Michigan! My mom told me not to drink the water here. Regardless, Royal Oak is a small city/town/suburb of Detroit where my cousins have been settled in for a few years now. We arrived at around 8pm to find that my cousins' (relatively) new house is super beautiful with three of the best things in the world; a spare bed, a comfy couch, and a yellow lab named Sparty. 


After being in the car for about 8 hours, we thought that takeout might be a good option, but then my brother piped up "Show me Detroit's BEST", and of course, Scott and Andrea delivered. Not literally. We went out to eat. 

We went to this place called Vincetti's Garage, and it's literally an old garage flipped into a burger joint. I think the highlight of the night was the fried cheese curds, which are essentially tiny delicious mozzarella balls that you dip in some sort of magic aioli. Detroit delivers. 

Also, today I learned that yes, car plants indeed are EVERYWHERE and that Detroit's downtown area is supposedly really nice now. It's just the neighborhoods outside of Detroit that give it that bad reputation. 

Day 1 of Healing

This part is a little personal, but I actually find that writing about it is really helpful for me. Yesterday was my first official day away from home and all the things that I love about it, and I got through it. I really do believe that the road ahead is going to be a strange mix of healing and even more heartbreak, but I'm hoping that I'll end up on top at the end.

I really don't think I've ever put myself through so much emotional stress before; I think it's one thing to leave home and another thing to leave someone you love, but doing both at the same time has proven to be the hardest thing I've ever done. It physically hurts. All those songs about heartache aren't just mumbo-jumbo, they're based on real things, and I think everybody goes through this kind of intense discomfort at least once in their lives. More importantly, I think everybody gets through it and moves on. Right now, for me, it's just the balance of figuring out how to slowly let go without incurring any more damage. 

Up Next: Chicago

Tonight is our first show of the tour -- second if you count the Midway show. We'll be playing at uncommon ground on Clark St @ 8pm. I'm excited to finally start playing some music & to share the bill with my friend from back home, Ilana Held. Should be a fun night!