A whole lotta nothing, followed by a whole lotta something

Yesterday we left Royal Oak at about noon and started our venture towards Chicago, IL. Our route took us right across the entire bottom of Michigan, followed by the entire upper coast of Indiana (I think it's funny to put "coast" and "Indiana" in the same sentence, but this is a thing). Indiana is not exciting at all -- In fact, they didn't even have a "Welcome to Indiana" sign or anything. Just nothing. One fun thing about venturing this far west is that we got to switch to CST, so now instead of having a 4.5 hour drive, it was technically a "3.5" hour drive.

I had once heard that Gary, Indiana was one of the worst cities in America, and without even venturing into town I can confirm this. Lots of gross industrial buildings and a really shoddy looking airport. But then, just around the corner is...




Chicago is huge and beautiful. I've always wanted to go to Chicago, but never had the means to go, so this was a real treat for me. There's nothing quite like that feeling you get when you've been driving in nothingness for hours and then you can see a city skyline ahead of you. It's so thrilling. 

Our show wasn't until 8:00pm, so we had some time to unload our stuff and unwind thanks to my friend Shreya's hospitality. We then made our way to the venue a bit early so that we could grab something to eat and get our stuff all setup. Uncommon ground is all the way on the northern part of the city, so we took the car all the way from the south side up Lake Shore Drive and oh my gosh was it such a beautiful view. We totally lucked out with weather -- not only was there no snow, it had even warmed up a little bit (as opposed to subzero temperatures). My brother made it a point to keep reminding me that The Dark Knight was filmed mainly in Chicago. 

Uncommon Ground

Once we got to the venue, my old high school pal Ilana Held met up with us. Ilana and I used to play at this place called Danny's Place in Acton, MA a whole bunch when we were younger, and since then she's gone to Chicago to go to school for songwriting. It was such a treat to be able to see her perform now and to listen to how much she's developed as a songwriter and as a musician. 

Ilana Held 

Ilana Held 

Adam and I went on after Ilana -- We knew Chicago was going to be interesting because we hadn't really had the time to rehearse, but I think overall everything came together just fine (except for a technical difficulty with the first song -- sorry guys, we'll work on that. There was a nice little crowd of about 10-12 people and the sound system was really nice so overall it ended up being a pretty nice gig. Here's a clip of my song "Weapons" -- sorry for the awful audio, it was taken solely with my camera.

Dealing With It

I'm really very thankful that the first gig of the tour went pretty well, because last night I was definitely having a hard time. All of this is incredibly difficult, and when it gets to the really low points sometimes I wonder how I'm actually going to follow through with it. Lucky for me, I still have my music to focus on -- and I think it's going to be the thing that gets me through this whole endeavor one step at a time. Being away from home and everyone that I love is heartbreaking, but I think I'd be a more incomplete person if I wasn't able to do what I love.