Our Two Days as Hoosiers

Leaving Chicago

On Thursday, we woke up at my friend Shreya's apartment in southern Chicago (not like south side, but just south) which is right on the UChicago Campus. We got to take our sweet time waking up because all we had to do on Thursday was get to Louisville at some point just to stay at my cousin Shawn's house. 

We decided to get a real taste for Chicago by doing what any reasonable tourists would do; go to a 124 year old diner straight up in the South Side of Chicago called Dailey's. We were the only white kids there, and the food was insanely good. Just the kind of food that makes you feel like you're eating a hug -- yes, I got chicken & waffles by the waitress's recommendation and it was bomb. The locals were also wicked nice. 

Crossroads of America

Indiana has to be the least interesting state in the world -- Their slogan is "Crossroads of America", which I joked really just meant "Okay, just use Us to get to the Next Place". Here's an awful picture I took of Indianapolis, another really uninteresting city. 

It's in there somewhere

It's in there somewhere

We arrived at my cousin's house in Jeffersonville, IN, which is a suburb of Louisville right across the river. Their house smelled like awesome chili and their 6 year old daughter Lyra could not be any cuter. 

Snow, Snow, Go Away 

Yesterday, the early effects of the storm Jonas hit Louisville (PS, it's pronounced Lowe-vull) and they had an accumulation of maybe 3" tops. Well, that was enough to close down EVERYTHING, and I mean basically EVERYTHING. School, work, most restaurants, and worst of all -- our show :( 

Apparently, our show was in a neighborhood of Louisville where plows get to towards the end of their sweep of the city. Whomp whomp

And so, we hang.

Considering how much we have left to travel and drive, I guess maybe it was some sort of blessing in disguise to just take it slow and hang out. Adam and I did make our way to a Waffle House for breakfast, but after that it was all just hangin' in. We managed to do some well needed rehearsing, and we even had auditions for a new band member:

Next Up: Nashville

Today we have two back-to-back shows in Nashville: 

4pm: TN Brew Works
6pm: Two Old Hippies

I think Nashville is going to be both simultaneously super fun and also super hard -- I have a lot of really fond memories of Nashville, and it'll be interesting to see if any of those memories come up while we're there. Either way, time does heal the heart and with every passing day I'm literally one step closer to where I want to be. Oh, and speaking of where I want to be...


Molly Malone's in LA on Feb. 10th! This will be our final show of the tour, so mark your calendar and tell your friends!