West Texas Sure is Strange

I think I have the opposite of claustrophobia. There's something about wide open spaces and a seemingly endless blue sky that makes me really uncomfortable, and west Texas sure has a lot of wide open spaces. It didn't help that since it's January, everything is brown and dead. I'm really painting a nice picture, huh? I guess the one redeeming quality of the grassy plains are the tumbleweeds. I don't know why, but I love tumbleweeds -- I think they're adorable. 

We are not in Massachusetts anymore. #westtexas #roadtrip #blueskies

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Amarillo is even Stranger

Amarillo is a tiny little city surround by complete nothingness. It's not incredibly pleasing for the eyes, but luckily Adam and I were totally spoiled and were able to stay at a friend's ranch out in Canyon, Texas. The ranch was actually IN a canyon. We arrived just in time for the sunset, so we hiked up to one of the peaks of the canyon to watch the sun disappear. That's definitely not something you see every day in New England. 

Dove Creek Ranch, Canyon TX

Dove Creek Ranch, Canyon TX

Before we headed over to the venue, Adam insisted on going to "The Big Texan" for dinner. The Big Texan is a famous joint right on route 66 that prides itself on all things Texan including their "Free 72oz Steak". It's really just a food challenge where one has to eat an entire 4.5 lb steak with all of the sides in under an hour. I just ate soup. 

the 806

I was having a really hard day up until the gig. I think it was a combination of being in a foreign place, being exhausted, and missing home. It's really easy thinking about the easy things when you're doing the hard things. 

When I got to the 806, I was exhausted and really wasn't sure how I was going to get through this gig. But then a miracle happened; the place became PACKED with college kids who were super energetic and enthusiastic. The energy was absolutely infectious and it absolutely picked my soul up by the armpits out of the doldrums. It was amazing. 



En Route to Colorado

We had to wake up pretty early in order to get to our gig in Denver, and we even managed to catch a little bit of the sunrise in the canyon. I have to say, once we got out of the grasslands, the landscape suddenly became a lot more gorgeous; red clay structures, sandy hills and strange bushes were all abound. I can see why so many people love the landscapes of the southwest. 

We had to pass through a tiny bit of New Mexico in order to get to Colorado, and it's amazing how much the landscape changes just before you hit the Rocky Mountains. This country is massive.

Appaloosa Grill

We arrived to Denver in really good time, mostly because of the time change from CT to MT. The venue of the day was Appaloosa Grill in downtown Denver, CO -- we had a 2-hour bar set for happy hour. The staff was super friendly and a lot of the people who were in the bar were very kind and had all kinds of nice things to say.

These two ☺️ @adamjhanson @jessebhanson

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It was also super cool because Appaloosa Grill is right in downtown Denver. There's this strip on 16th street that's incredibly reminiscent of Church St in Burlington, VT. It's just a giant stretch of street where there are a lot of shops and wonderful lights. 

#denver #lights

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Cool Things about Denver/Colorado

  1. Weed is legal 
  2. The economy has been doing stupid well because of the legalization of weed
  3. People are really nice
  4. Probably because of weed
  5. It's snowing here and it's really pretty
  6. Denver, CO gets more sunshine per year than Miami

UP NEXT: Getting some damn sleep

We don't have a gig until Friday, so between now and then we're going to enjoy ourselves in Denver, Boulder, Salt Lake City & NorCal. I am tired.