Exploring San Fransisco 

Things are starting to wrap up here, a little. We're in the very last leg of the tour and so I think both Adam and I are experiencing this kind of half-tiredness half-antsy-ness simultaneously. It's weird. However, we are in the best place to be feeling this kind of craziness; San Fransisco. 

I'd been to San Fransisco once when I was 16 for a leadership summit, and I remember thinking it was just the coolest place to be. Even now, there's something really inherently magical about crossing the Bay Bridge from island to island -- especially with the fog (who I learned is named Carl), it gives this other-worldly almost Jurassic Park-esque vibe. 

On Thursday, we took the whole day to just hop in our cars and head over to SF. We explored around town a bit, saw the "painted ladies" that are famous for being shown in Full House, went across the Golden Gate and saw some pretty spectacular views over in Marin Park. 

NorCal, you're killing me. #norcal #sanfrancisco #gorgeous

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I don't know what else I can really say about San Fransisco that people don't already know... It's beautiful, it's hip, it's expensive as all hell, but people are sure nice. Also, it's stunning. 

Sebastopol, Sonoma, HopMonk

Yesterday we took the car up to Sebastopol, a small town a little outside of wine country. One thing is for certain, this place is somewhat stuck in the 60s/70s, for better and for worse. The people are SO kind, so friendly and welcoming, the stores are so cute, the whole downtown strip smells like incense and aromatherapy oils, and even the town dive bar is a little haven of sorts. 

After meeting up with an old friend from back home, we headed over to the HopMonk Tavern in Sonoma. This venue was perfect in so many ways; it came equipped with a cute stage, free beer, and a surprising amount of familiar faces mixed in with some unfamiliar yet very friendly ones. The first set went just swimmingly, but unfortunately I had some health issues right before the second set (I think the change of altitude was getting to me) and we had to wrap it up a little early. However! One really cool thing that happened was that my brother finally was able to get up onstage and perform some of his own songs for the first time. So, it actually worked out for the better.

Last Gig before LA

Tonight, our last show before we get down to LA is going to be at the Vine in Danville. It's kind of crazy to think that after today, my new life in LA begins -- And speaking of which, a big show is coming up on Wednesday, the 10th:

I think I'm ready to be in LA now

As far as tours go, this is definitely not even close to the longest tour I've done, what with being in Europe for nearly seven weeks. But I think the combination of touring AND moving has taken its toll; I am tired. I am ready for sleep. I'm also ready to start getting a hold of my life. 

I think California and I are gonna get along just fine. //show tonight in Sonoma @ 8pm!

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